Sidonia’s Story

My name is Sidonia and I am 29 years old from Caraubalo, Siralari. I have been involved in the ADRA Timor-Leste FarMar Project since August 2019, in particular with the agro-business and savings and loan group. I am the president of a savings and loan group called Hametin Group. The program has helped me and my members on how to manage our incomes better.

I appreciate ADRA who have given us materials to prevent COVID-19 such as soap, small towel, bucket and a poster that explains about COVID-19. We appreciate this and we use them in our meeting and also apply hand washing at home.

I also decided to take some cash from our group’s savings to buy materials like; soap, a bucket and a small towel to use in our group and distribute to each member of the Hametin Group to use in their home.

Before COVID-19, only boys and girls in school would practice hand washing before and after eating. But because of COVID-19 and after we learned about the ways to prevent it, we try to get used to washing our hands often.

Washing hands is more important because it not only prevents from COVID-19 but also from the other diseases like diarrhoea to keep us away from the virus.

All the information I got from the COVID-19 training, as well as through radio and social media, I will share to my neighbours to remind people to wash their hands always, not only during the pandemic, but also to protect us from the other diseases.

Finally, I do appreciate your contribution and support to our community.