ADRA: 10 Years Serving Timor-Leste

ADRA has been serving communities Timor-Leste since 2010.  In 2020 a compilation of some of the activities of ADRA Timor-Leste was made in recognition of its 10th anniversary.

Maria's Story

Women in Timor Leste like Maria work really hard in challenging circumstances, especially with a disability. Learn how ADRA is supporting women like Maria. 

Filomena's Story

Filomena talks about her experience of participating in ADRA’s Nutritious Foods Enterprise Project that supported her in creating a tempeh production business.

Esperansa's Story

“We used to get sick every month but since the pump has been installed a year ago, we haven’t been sick.” Learn how Esperansa’s life was changed by ADRA’s work in her community.

Where Others Won't go

Learn how ADRA brings clean water to remote Timor-Leste.

Clean Water for Uma Tolu

In the community of Uma Tolu, ADRA has provided clean water within a 2 minute walking distance to over 200 households.

Sanitation for Uma Tolu

In Timor-Leste nearly 2/3 of the population don’t have access to adequate sanitation, and many of those people have no alternative to open defecation.