COVID-19 Response in Viqueque

I would like to give my appreciation to the New Zealand Embassy and ADRA Timor-Leste for supporting us in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Viqueque.  The materials include seven units of hand-washing stations with the soap supplies that have been installed in public places. All stations have been functioning well.   

Generally, I could conclude that these supporting materials be sufficient to respond to the community needs especially in places where people gather in groups like markets, BNCTL Bank, and BNU Bank including two Police Offices. However, there are still some Post Administrative’s that need similar tanks yet due to limitation of materials we cover Viqueque Vila only.

Before we got these materials from ADRA, we received plenty of materials from Timor Aid such as small buckets which were distributed in public places. We also made requests to other donors like AusAID and UNDP.

Based on our observation, the installed hand-washing stations are being used by the people, especially those at the banks. During ‘pay days’, there can be up to 200 people coming to each bank. As for the Police Office, there is about 40 people in average per day.

When we installed the stations we told the staff of each office to monitor them.  When the tanks are running out of water they must inform the Fire Department to refill the water, because they are working closely with the COVID-19 Task Force. As for the hand soap, they can directly contact us (SMAS) because so far we still have stock. 

Reported by Mario da Costa, Director of SMAS, Viqueque Municipality