COVID-19 Distribution in Viqueque

Up to now, we are greatful that we do not have any COVID-19 suspect in Viqueque. ADRA, as well as some other NGOs, have shared  information about preventing COVID-19 at the suco and aldeia levels.

We were greatful of the hygiene and hand washing materials that have been supported by the project. Those materials have been handed over to Community Health Centres at the Post Administrative such as; hand soap, SOS Liquid, Bayclean and small towels. Some of the SOS liquids are still in DHS because we plan to disinfect schools and churches before they are operating as normal. We are waiting for the orientation from the national government on how to support schools and churches.

Based on my observation, all materials that have been distributed, such as the tanks which are installed in front of the offices, have been utilised by the community until now. Right now, the community are gathering in public places to get the HH subsidy from the government, therefore we use this opportunity to distribute materials like hand soap in to sucos.

The materials provided are very useful, especially hygiene kits, not only for the COVID-19 pandemic, but also for other diseases. All in all, I want to say thank you to the New Zealand Embassy as donor and ADRA as the implementing agency, for supporting materials and sharing information for preventing COVID-19 in our communities.

Reported by Francisco de Carvalho, Director of DHS Viqueque Municipality