Community-Led Total Sanitation in Viqueque

ADRA’s hygiene promotion team is creating awareness of the dangers of open defecation and the need for hygienic sanitation.Using Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) methods, ADRA staff use participatory methods to teach community members of the importance of each household having a latrine. ADRA staff use “triggering” meetings where the community is invited to confront the unpleasant facts about open defecation in their village.

ADRA’s CLTS trainers then make visits to households to advise people on how to build their own latrines out of locally available materials.

Of ADRA’s CLTS activities, Rita, a resident of Uma Quic resident, says, “Before ADRA’s involvement our lives were difficult and my feeling uneasy because two households used one toilet, but we were happy with the information that ADRA shared to us. Sometimes there are other jobs that inhibits us and we forgot about this program but we made some efforts to build our secure latrine for ourselves and this will be a good example for our children.”

Rita and the latrine her family constructed as a result of CLTS activities in Uma Quic