ADRA’s Statement at World Humanitarian Summit

ADRA President States Commitments to Action at World Humanitarian Summit

ISTANBUL, TURKEY—ADRA president, Jonathan Duffy, delivered a statement on stage at the World Humanitarian Summit on Tuesday. The statement shared the ADRA network’s commitments to action in support of the Summit’s Agenda for Humanity.

Video of Mr. Duffy’s presentation can be viewed on UNTV:

The full text of Mr. Duffy’s statement is included below.

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency, better known as ADRA, has an active presence in 126 countries and sees an annual global impact of 20 million lives.

In consultation and full agreement with our global network, I make the following commitments.

Core Responsibility 3: Leave no one behind

Core Commitment 1: ADRA commits ourselves to increasing activities that empower women and girls, including expanding our use of local women’s groups, so that up to 40% of our programming includes these activities.

Core Commitment 2: ADRA commits to ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive healthcare in up to 50% of our family planning projects for women and adolescents in crisis settings.

Core Commitment 3: ADRA commits to continue and improve policies for preventing and responding to gender-based violence, with capacity building for regions most affected by crises and gender-based violence.

Core Commitment 4: The ADRA network aims to make 100% of our programs gender responsive, and we commit to finding innovative ways to improve this work.

Core Commitment 5: I am proud of ADRA’s history of promoting gender equality, women’s empowerment, and women’s rights as part of our mission and our passion. We commit today to continuing that work, in compliance with humanitarian policies and frameworks.

Core Responsibility 4: Change people’s lives – from delivering aid to ending need

Core Commitment 1: ADRA commits to increasing our global focus on disaster risk reduction and resiliency as part of emergency response, as well as working with regional and local staff and partners to develop innovative solutions for this critical focus.

Core Commitment 2: ADRA has a long-standing commitment to managing disaster and climate-related risks, and we commit to continue with an increasing focus on resiliency. We also commit improving and innovating the way we mobilize, regionally and locally; the training we provide, including local partners and stakeholders; and our search capacity.

Core Commitment 3: ADRA commits to increasing our use of data and analysis, as well as focusing on early warning and evidence-based decisions, for greater understanding and preparedness for disaster and climate-related risks. This commitment includes improving how our activities complement the work of local partners and organizations.

Core Commitment 4: We commit to progressing ADRA’s focus and investment in building community resilience, with a particular commitment to increasing the participation of women.

Core Commitment 5: ADRA commits to ensuring regional and local aid for natural disasters through regional and local training, as well as our alignment with government agencies, UN clusters, pivotal partnerships, and UNOCHA assessments.